Workaround: Convert your XD designs to Figma today

Apr 6, 2020

Recently we received quite a lot of interest in our converter from XD to Figma and it isn’t any wonder why. Figma is a fantastic tool that you can use to create stunning products and websites.

We are working on an XD to Figma converter, but for now, we have a workaround that you can use to convert your XD files to Figma RIGHT NOW!

We will of course update this article once our direct converter is ready and let you all know about it.

But for now, enjoy reading about how you can quickly and easily open your XD files in Figma today.

How does the workaround work

It’s simple, we will convert the XD file to Sketch first and then we can import the Sketch file into Figma.

It’s simple.

1) Go to our homepage to access our converter at the top of the page and upload your file

Here you can upload a file

2) Now enter your email address and hit “UPLOAD NOW”

Enter your email address and you are ready to upload your file

3) The file will take a few seconds to upload:

The XD file is being uploaded

4) Click on Convert now to convert everything in your file to a Sketch file

You are given a preview of the file and can now begin the final conversion steps

5) Select your plan and select “Pay Now” and complete the checkout

6) Your payment is processed and your file will now be converted.

You can now download your file by clicking the download button on the right of the file. A copy the invoice will be sent to your email address.

The conversion completes and you can now download your file

7) Now it's time to convert your file to Figma.

Go to Figma: Hamburger menu > File > New from Sketch File

Importing the Sketch file into Figma

Your file will now be imported:

The file being imported into Figma

You can now open your converted file in Figma!

Here is a comparison of the two files

Get started now

To start the process now, go to our site and you can start converting right now!

We are offering an Easter 20% off special that will expire on the 13th of April 2020.

Just use the code: EASTER20

If you have any issues, please email us on or via Drift on our homepage and we will help fix the issue as soon as possible.

Kevin Goedecke

Founder of Magicul